Weekly Photo Challenge – Foreign

Dear Friends,

As you know I come from the Bavarian Alps in Germany. The steep, craggy mountains of my homeland couldn’t be more different from the place I visited this week.

Mungo National Park is part of the Willandra Lakes World Heritage Area. It covers an area that 400 000 years ago was a vast inland lake, part of a chain of seventeen freshwater lakes. The lakes dried up about 100 000 years ago and only the sand and clay formations, known as the Walls of China, remain to tell the geological history of Lake Mungo.

The story of human occupation here reaches as far back as 45 000 years with ritual burials dating from 42 000 years ago and human footprints that are 20 000 years old . The Walls of China rise up out of a vast desert plain that stretches beyond the horizon, hundreds of kilometres in any direction.

I could have been the only creature on the planet.

 Hellooo -is anybody there?




  1. Great photos Justin!

  2. Thank you. It was a great place to photograph and very different from my homeland.


  1. Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign | Mike Hardisty Photography

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