The Candy Man

Dear Friends,

This week I’ve been in paradise – chocolate paradise that is.

I’d been told the “must see” place in Tasmania was the Cadbury Factory and Visitor Centre in Claremont, near Hobart, and I wasn’t going to ignore that piece of advice. It was very exciting to see the flags flying and Freddo Frog waiting to greet me.

Caramello Koala gave me a guided tour and told me the story of chocolate. Did you know that the Ancient Mayans were enjoying the taste of chocolate from 600AD, but it wasn’t eaten in Europe until the 16th century? They had no idea what they were missing out on! Thank goodness John Cadbury started selling cocoa and drinking chocolate from his shop in Birmingham in 1824.

At the Cadbury Café, Wendy made us each a delicious hot chocolate. Mine was milk chocolate, Caramello Koala’s was a combo – milk, dark and white all mixed together. They were steaming, frothy, rich and chocolatey – a taste of paradise in a cup.

In the shop I couldn’t believe the chocolate temptation that was set out before me. There were bags of Freddo Frogs and Caramello Koalas, piles of Dairy Milk blocks in every flavour imaginable and towers of Cadbury Roses, stacked high. I didn’t know where to look first.

The difficulty wasn’t in choosing what to buy but rather what not to buy! I managed to fill my bag with luscious goodies – the cash register was smoking.

I was very tempted by these two jumbo-sized blocks of Cadbury Dairy Milk, but they just wouldn’t fit in my bag, no matter how I tried.

I think I’ll be in chocolate paradise for quite a while!




  1. What a little “sweetie” Justin is, can’t wait for his next adventure

  2. I’ve been to Cadbury World here in the UK. It was quite interesting – with lots of free chocolate! We have Freddo Frogs here, but no Caramello Koalas – they sound lovely. 🙂

    • Elaine, you haven’t lived until you’ve eaten a few Caramello Koalas! They are delicious – big chocolate koalas with caramel filling. Next time I come to England I will bring you some! Justin. 🙂


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