Dancing Queen

Dear Friends,

This week I met the most famous lady in the world. It was such an amazing experience that I was compelled to write a poem in her honour.

Justin, Justin, where have you been?

I’ve been to Deloraine to visit the Queen.

She was there for a ball, very stately and grand.

She needed a partner and I was at hand.

We posed for some photos. She smiled for the crowd.

Her diamonds were dazzling. I felt very proud.

The cameras were flashing as the excitement grew.

She said, “Justin, move closer. They’ve come to see you.”

Too soon it was over. The night came to an end.

Her final words were “You are a great friend.”

I said, “Thanks for inviting me.” I’m not one to be meek.

I reached up and gave her a peck on the cheek!

The next time the Queen’s here and she goes to a ball,

I’ll be ready and waiting for that royal call.





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