Life’s a Beach

Dear Friends,

While I was in Sydney I wanted to see the iconic eastern beaches, home of those true Australian heroes – the surf lifesavers. My pilgrimage began at Maroubra Beach, where I was hoping to catch some wave action, but this lone surfer was leaving, and the flags weren’t even out. Could it be that the grey skies had put the locals off?

My enthusiasm wasn’t dampened though, and the next stop on my journey was Coogee Beach. I had more luck there as the Coogee Bay Hotel was just serving lunch and my meal was delicious.

But it was surf lifesavers I wanted to meet so I headed down to the beach. It looked more promising, with the flags in place and surf boards at the ready. But apart from a large number of seagulls the beach was empty, and after my last experience with birds I didn’t stay for long.

At Coogee I ventured on to the coastal walk and headed off to Bondi. My first glimpse of Bondi Beach, from the headland, was as thrilling as I expected – the vast expanse of sand, the white capped breakers and people out enjoying the sea air.

I was even more excited when I arrived at the beach and found that the Winter Festival was in full swing. An ice skating rink was set up, right on the sand. At last, I thought, here’s some fun to be had. But just as I was imagining myself gliding gracefully across the ice a shower of rain closed the rink, so I settled for a Chai Latte in the Alpine Ski Hut instead.

Ever hopeful of finding the elusive lifesaver I went for a walk across the sand. But it was to no avail as the beach was all but deserted. I didn’t get to meet my heroes, but I did have the consolation of posing for photos with an adoring fan, who told me that I was her hero!

Maybe one hero a day is enough.



  1. Maree Nolan

    Looks a little nippy there, Justin.

  2. Yes, it was a little chilly, but my fur coat was cosy and warm, Maree!

  3. Oh Justin, I’m sure the lifesavers just didn’t want to steal your thunder! They were probably hiding away knowing that if the Bondi Rescue cameras that follow them around caught sight of the renown Justin Beaver they’d quickly lose all the limelight!

    Have you ever thought of taking up lifesaving yourself? You look like a natural on that surf board.

  4. Maybe you’re right Lauren, I wouldn’t want to steal their thunder. I would make a great lifesaver but I’m not fond of those little yellow and red hats they wear. I just don’t think it’s my look.


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