Tiptoe Through the Tulips

Dear Friends,

While I was visiting the Blue Mountains I heard that Leura was the place to go to see spectacular gardens. I don’t profess to having green thumbs but I enjoy spending time in beautiful surroundings, so I went on the train from Katoomba to Leura to see for myself, and I wasn’t disappointed. When I came out of the train station the first thing I saw was a vision in pink – dozens of cherry trees, in full bloom, down the centre of Leura Mall.

As I wandered around the town I came across gardens resplendent with beds overflowing with tulips and daffodils.


 I could hear the bees feasting on these crabapple blossoms almost before the trees came into view.

Usually I prefer to stay grounded but I couldn’t resist the temptation of the cherry trees, so I climbed up into the branches of one for a closer look.

Do you think pink is my colour?



  1. Maree Nolan

    Pink suits you, Justin!

  2. Thank you Maree! I think it brings out my feminine side!

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