Weekly Photo Challenge – Wrong

Dear Friends,

Millions of people visit the Bavarian Alps every year and skiing, climbing and hiking in the mountains are popular activities. So it’s inevitable that sometimes things will go wrong. When I lived on Alpspitze I was a volunteer member of the Bavarian Mountain Rescue Service and I was often called upon to help those in need.

This particular day, I was relaxing and enjoying the view when the call came through that a hiker had been injured at the top of the mountain. I donned my Rescue Service cap and climbed into the helicopter. We flew to the mountain top, surveyed the scene and sent a man down to check on the hiker’s situation. Then, skilfully and carefully, we winched the hiker first and then his rescuer up to the chopper.

The weather conditions were perfect for such a manoeuvre and we were able to land in a mountain meadow with our passenger, who was glad to be safely on the ground once more.

All’s well that ends well!



  1. Maree Nolan

    You’re such a He Man, Justin!

  2. It just comes naturally!


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