Go tell it on the Mountain

Dear Friends,

When I decided to spend some time in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, I was told that I would enjoy seeing the Three Sisters. This sounded intriguing and you can probably imagine my anticipation! I arrived in Katoomba and went straight to Echo Point where I’d heard the sisters would be waiting for me. There they were in all their glory – three majestic sandstone formations overlooking the Jamison Valley.

The Aboriginal dreaming story tells of three young sisters Meenhi, Wimlah and Gunnedoo. Their father Tyawan turned them to stone with his magic bone to protect them from the Bunyip who lived in the valley below. Tyawan also changed himself into a lyrebird to escape from the Bunyip, but dropped his magic bone in his haste. He has been searching for the bone ever since and the Three Sisters wait silently for him to change them back to their human forms.

There is a track to the first Sister and from there to the Giant Stairway – 800 steps which descend to the floor of the valley. Being the energetic beaver that I am, I couldn’t resist the challenge and set off down the stairway.

Once I reached the valley I took the Federal Pass trail for a leisurely stroll through the bush.

Suddenly I heard a scrabbling noise up ahead. I proceeded with caution until I spotted the culprit. It was a lyrebird, scratching and searching on the forest floor. He was too engrossed to stop for a friendly conversation and went on his way, busily turning the leaf mould over and over with his beak.

Was it Tyawan? Had I met the mythical witch doctor looking for his magic bone? I couldn’t be certain. One thing I did know for sure – I didn’t want to meet the bunyip next!

Happy bushwalking,




  1. Nice pictures Mr. Beaver. That staircase is a rather long one, huh!

  2. Justin says thanks. It was a long staircase but luckily he was going down not up!


  1. weekly photo challenge (near and far)

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