Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s up the Bridge I go!

Dear Friends,

As soon as I saw Sydney Harbour Bridge in the distance I knew I had to get up close and personal. I had heard about the Bridge Climb and coming from Alpspitz in the Bavarian Alps means I don’t have a problem with heights so I was determined to make it to the top.

I followed the other climbers up the stairs and catwalks and we stopped often to admire the scenery. The Sydney Opera House appeared ready to set sail and the ferries at Circular Quay were like miniatures in a toy town.


I reached the summit of the bridge with ease and then made my way down the arch on the other side. Lonely Planet rates the Bridge Climb as one of the world’s top ten adrenalin rush experiences and I can tell you my adrenalin is still rushing!

Greetings from up on high,



  1. toinlessons

    It’s beautiful up there isn’t it? I thought it’d scarier up there, but the worst part I thought was walking across the grating BELOW the bridge..!! lol

  2. You must be the bravest beaver in the world, Justin!

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