Row row row your boat!

Dear Friends,

For the last week I’ve been cruising on the Viking Fontane along the rivers of Germany, eating, drinking and enjoying myself.

As soon as I boarded the ship I knew I was going to be in for some fun. My cabin mates Rabbit and Snail have been real party animals. Rabbit couldn’t wait to try all the free food and Snail is a big drinker. Of course I felt obliged to join in.










Every day we’ve been checking the itinerary to see what’s in store and let me tell you it’s been action packed. Castles, vineyards and cable car rides -we’ve done them all!


 The most difficult part of each day has been deciding what to eat. Look at this menu…how could I choose? These waffles with cherry sauce were my favourite…

until I found this divine cake shop. It’s a miracle that my lederhosen still fit!

What nearly didn’t fit was the ship when it went into some of the locks on the rivers. I would watch from my window and hold my breath as I thought that we weren’t going to make it but the captain sure was an expert and we came out unscathed every time. I guess he’s had lots of practice.

auf Wiedersehen till next time,



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