Let’s Have Another Cup Of Coffee – Weekly Photo Challenge – Summer Lovin’

Dear Friends,

I often share with you beautiful places I’ve been to combined with some exotic food or exquisite dessert I’ve been eating. So you might be surprised to learn that there’s something I really enjoy…and that’s camping in the summer. Camping means simple food that tastes great. Here’s my favourite – a steaming cup of freshly made coffee and a sweet and sticky finger bun topped with delicious coconut icing.


I love Summer and I love iced buns!




Thorn Tree In The Garden

Dear Friends,

When I think of cactus, this type usually comes to mind. It’s like the ones you see in the desert.


Now look at these thorny barrel cacti I found at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. Who would have thought they grew in such amazing shapes?





This snake cactus gave me the creeps – I kept imagining it was about to wrap itself around me. I felt very uncomfortable.


Then I noticed this fellow. He wasn’t looking comfortable either.


I wonder if he sat on a prickle!


Outside Inside – Weekly Photo Challenge – Container

Dear Friends,

Judging by the labels on the outside of these  containers, the contents might be a little unusual and you would be forgiven for thinking that New Zealanders make some very strange choices when it comes to food.



But have a look inside and you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise.

Don’t judge these containers by their covers!


The Heat Is On

Dear Friends,

Strange things have been happening in Kuirau Park in the centre of Rotorua.

First I saw this sign.


What’s so dangerous about thermals?

I wear my thermal underwear all the time in winter!

Then I noticed steam rising from the water of this lake.


The water looked so inviting, like a giant hot tub. It was crystal clear but it smelled quite strange.

Next I came across these bubbling pools of mud.


I’ve heard of people having mud baths in Rotorua, but I hope it wasn’t here.

It was like the earth was about to boil over.


Then I remembered: Rotorua sits on top of an ancient volcano.

I hope it doesn’t blow its top any time soon.


Giants – Weekly Photo Challenge – Relic

Dear Friends,

I met a giant this week at Mammoth Cave, in the Margaret River region of Western Australia.


Zygomaturus trilobus is just one of the Megafauna who lived in this place long ago.

P1050949He was a friendly creature and very sprightly for his age.


I wouldn’t like to run into him on a dark night though.


Sweet About Me

Dear Friends,

My trusty Pocket Oxford Dictionary defines the meaning of the word ‘remarkable’ as exceptional or worth noting.


From the outside, The Remarkable Sweet Shop in Arrowtown didn’t look all that exceptional, but once inside I was overwhelmed by the amazing selection of sweet treats.


There was fudge, in flavours from passionfruit to hokey pokey – fabulous.


I couldn’t decide which chocolate-coated creation I liked best.


And the lollies! I was simply lost for words.


In the end I needed help to make a choice, because I just couldn’t carry one of everything.


 Believe me, I tried!


Weird Science

Dear Friends,

One of my favourite places in Brisbane is the boardwalk along the river from Southbank to the Queensland Museum and Art Gallery precinct. Every time I go there I see some of the local wildlife.

Have you ever seen a spoon-snake? This one was in the garden near the Queensland Art Gallery Café. While spoon-snakes are extremely rare and elusive, they are also quite tame.


I didn’t go close enough to this lizard to find out if he was tame. He looked very fierce and I didn’t want to interrupt him while he was perfecting his camouflage skills.



My favourite creature is this giant silver cicada. He lives on Melbourne Street between the Museum and the Performing Arts Centre. His wings glisten like rainbows and he sings beautifully.


The most unusual creature I’ve seen in Brisbane was this…

well, I’m not entirely sure what he was.


Does anyone know?


Hound Dog – Weekly Photo Challenge – Contrast

Dear Friends,

Meet my new friend Lulu!

She’s a Great Dane and when I say great I mean great.


She’s huge!

Her owner decided she should keep a tight hold on me just in case Lulu felt peckish. One snap of those mighty jaws and one small beaver would be gone in a flash.

It’s a dog’s life.


Animal Magic

Dear Friends,

At Noosa National Park there is a great walking track which follows the coast up the cliffs to the lookout. Along the way is a stand of eucalypt trees where there are some furry inhabitants. When I arrived there were several people peering upwards, but I couldn’t see anything at first. Like everyone else I kept looking and it was only when he moved that we finally saw him:


What’s in the tree?

Can you spot him?

All I can see

is a koala’s bottom.


He’s quiet and sleepy,

perched up high.

I’d like to see more

of this small furry guy.

He’s handsome and loveable,

and cute as can be.

P1040539He reminds me of someone…

I know who!

It’s me!


Between You and Me – Weekly Photo Challenge – Between

Dear Friends,

You will know from past stories that birds and I don’t always get on and I’ve had some scary moments with feathered creatures.

But when I sat between these birds I felt right at home.


We seemed to have lots in common.



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